Scontastic Outcomes

The Foodha and his padawan chose to announce their findings by first taunting my (Anna’s) ability to be patient:

The entries have all been devoured now for quite some time, the ratings done, etc. But I’m withholding the official announcement till some undecided time just to try to help Annae develop some much-needed patience. You other two I don’t much worry about on that end of thangs.
Then, a mere six hours later, the results were revealed (and reviled):
Major Drumroll: It’s time to post the results of the Great Waffle Scone Contest Betwixt Three Worthies, Anna, Lisa, and Austin:

First, some very general but very true comments: There was not a bad wafflescone among them. There was only one ranking as low as a 3, and that was given on weak Waffle-likeness for Lisa, though the Scone likeness score for that one was a perfect 5 from both judges (and it was _the_ single most sconelike waffle scone, Lisa!). Had there been a category for subtleness in taste, Anna would have taken that category, with Lisa a close second, and I must state that I personally thought Cormac underrated Anna’s a bit, though he said it was very good (he gave 4s in each category for it). Had there been a category for boldness in taste, Austin would have stood alone on that count.

The totals and final results: In third place, merely a single point out of second, was Anna Coyle with 43/50. In second place at 44/50 was Lisa Krugh. In first place, therefore and of course, was Austin Hunt at 48/50. Austin ran away with the presentation category and the waffle-likeness category, though he lost his shot at perfection with 4s from both judges on scone-likeness.


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One response to “Scontastic Outcomes

  1. Christine Matusik

    Personally, I think the Foodha withheld the results to exercise his own power.

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