The Waffle-Scone Gauntlet Has Been Thrown Down

The first Waffle Off challenge is the “Waffle-Scone” competition, in which we will each interpret the challenge of determining which came first – the waffle, or the scone.  What makes a waffle-scone or a scone-waffle?  What are the conditions and qualities required to achieve the ideal blend of waffle, scone, and tastiness?  This philosophical question  will likely keep us up at night, staring at the heavily textured ceilings of our rental units.

We are each preparing our own concoctions and recipes.  Our entries must be mailed by Wednesday, June 13th.  Here are our anticipated entries:

Austin:  The Amaretto Cherry Bomb

Anna:  The Raspberry White Chocolate Sconcoction

Lisa:  The Magic Maple Mystery (or whatever she chooses to call it when she reads this post … AHEM, Lisa)

Our judges will be the holy Foodha and his Padawan learner, Cormac.  We’ll be judged on a five point scale in five categories to determine the winner.  Keep posted to see what comes of our experiments.



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